Vox / Vintage 1964 Vox AC30 Treble Copper Woden Valve Amplifier Combo / 1960’s / Amp

The same thing can happen with previously unknown builders, too. By the time Marshall jumped into the game with their own hand-wired 18 and 20W amps, the custom-built 18W wave had begun to crest and break, but there is now a new ripple on the horizon that we predict will soon form a formidable new wave among custom builders — the Vox AC While the Custom Classic is a very affordable and perfectly respectable alternative, it would be unreasonable to expect an economically built, mass produced amp to seriously rival a vintage JMI AC30 in original condition that has been competently serviced by an experienced tech. Great amp, but not the same. That would be a mistake. As far as we know, this has yet to happen on a meaningful scale. To date, we have located one potential candidate built by DST Engineering that will be reviewed next month. If anyone reading this believes there are more, please let us know. Replace the dual 16uf v can, replace the 32uf v cap in the supply line that goes from the bottom power amp section to the preamp, and replace the dual 8uf can in the pre-amp. Replace the 32uf v cap for the Top Boost circuit if the amp has integral Top Boost.

Vox AC30 JMI 1966

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VOX AC30/6 Non Top Boost JMI 1965

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To date, we have located one potential candidate built by DST Engineering that A Haddon output transformer has a different primary reading than a Woden.

Grey panel, factory top boost and reverb. Reverb is functioning and sounds great. Pots and transformers date to If you have any questions regarding payment please ask. The shipping price you are charged covers transit, insurance, proper packing, and tracking. If you prefer another shipping method please let us know so we can accommodate your needs.

FS: JMI Vox AC30 TB/6 Circa 1965

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1965 Vox AC30 Super Twin Reverb® Very Good, $2,999.00

Vintage Vox amplifier collection for sale. The amplifiers and other equipment pictured on this page represent part of an exceptional collection of vintage Vox amplifiers, Vox, WEM and Meazzi echo and reverb units, and other equipment and accessories that is offered for sale. The sale of the collection presents a very rare opportunity indeed to obtain such vintage and historic equipment. Offers based on the selling prices will be given serious consideration.

The mains and output units had date codes “BW” = February The chokes had “AW” = January Part numbers were , , and for the new “.

Forgot your password? I bought my AC30 about a year ago and undertook to refurbish it it was in a right state when i got it. You guys might remember i posted quite a lot here asking about how to tidy it up. Anyway, it’s all supruced up and serviced now, i used it for a bit on and off, but i’m predominantly a bass player now and it’s not even got that much studio use i work as a producer. I’m considering selling it to fund some more recording gear, but i’m really not sure what it’s worth.

Electronically it’s all original, ’63 ‘treble’ chassis with woden transformers and blue celestions that date to the same year as the amp. The towlex and piping is original, a bit tatty in places, but not bad enough to warrent a recover. The left guitar is an SG straight into the AC30, linked up with a 70’s marshall as well. That is something I would NOT sell. Even if you don’t play it for years, just keep it tucked away safely.

You will thank yourself later!! Hmm,not sure, it’s a lot of money to have invested in something that doesn’t get used! Anyone else have an opinion? You can post now and register later.

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Want to keep unlocking your creativity on the road, edit on the go by connecting to your phone or computer. Years ago I hated it because I was using it incorrectly; only setting the master volume at 3 or 4 and using pedal distortion.

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